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Company Profile

Shandong Liaocheng Kane Machinery Co.,ltd, member of ZGL Group, was founded in 2005, has been a major partner in the paper industry worldwide with its more than 10 years of experience. The main products includes breast roll, guide roll, press roll, reel spool, couch roll, dryer cylinder, cooling cylinder etc. As the industry leader, our dedication to producing quality rolls is evident by the product knowledge, manufacturing expertise, technical innovation, and outstanding customer service.  


Products application:


Textile Industry

Packaging Industry

Metal Industry

Plastic Industry

Converting Industry

Foil Industry

Paper Industry

Lamination Industry

Leather Industry

Tyre Industry




Technical service

Technical service team composed of engineers specialized in paper mill for long term experiences;

Provide client with the best design and products on basis of technical parameters of the paper machine and the specification of the rolls;

Provide clients with the proper diagnosis and remedies for application of the products and technical training to use the products more reasonable;

We insist on creating value for customers with advanced technical service;

Handle the complaints during the application in 24 hours.


Sales network

Sales not only products but also excellent service;

We need not only customers but also long term partner;

Welcome agent for potential marketing area.