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Company Profile

  Shandong Liaocheng ZGL Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (ZGL is“Zhongganglian” for short) started construction in July 2007 on the 14-month project. Zhongganglian sits at the crossroads of Mudanjiang Road and Taishan Road, with Jihan Expressway in the north and Jingjiu Railway in the west. With a floor space of 200 mu, a construction area of 46,700m2, a total investment of RMB 800 million, an annual output of 500,000 tons of seamless tubes, and annual sales of RMB 4 billion, Zhongganglian is Shandong’s largest seamless tube manufacturer.
  Zhongganglian is the former Liaocheng Xinglong Seamless Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In June 2003, Liaocheng Xinglong Seamless Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd. commenced construction, with a floor space of 80 mu, an overall investment of RMB 186 million, and an annual production of 100,000 tons of seamless tubes(30mm-168mm*3-45mm). Our products were well received by customers since they were put on the market. With stable quality assurance, creditable operation, high-quality service, and considerable economic benefit, our products are favored by customers. In May 2007, the second phase project commenced to establish Zhongganglian.
  Our seamless tube production project, through scientific verification, was launched in strict accordance with relevant national industrial and environmental policies. Advanced technologies on energy saving and consumption reduction have been adopted. Our major products are oil casing tubes, oil tubing, hydraulic props, pressure vessels, automobile tubes and military tubes (180mm-426mm*6-80 mm), with a broad market prospect.  The craftsmanship features of the project are as follows. First, our ASSEL tube mill is the largest three-roll tube mill at home and abroad. Second, the mandril of the three-roll tube mill is characterized by mandril pre-piercing and restraint minor cycle, which is the first of its kind in China to greatly reduce pre-piercing time, increase the service life of the mandril, and ensure the internal quality of the steel tube. Third, our unit adopts an automated production system characterized by three-level computer control, which can realize technological parameter presetting, automatic adjustment and fault diagnosis. Our unit reaches international advanced standards in terms of production process, equipment and automation. Fourth, our unit is manufactured in accordance with domestic design to save investment and break the long-term technological monopoly of other countries. Fifth, our unit mainly produces heavy-calibre seamless tubes of medium thick wall, which is especially suitable for producing high alloy seamless tubes to fill the market gap.