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Dear friends,
Confucius said: “Isn’t it a pleasure to greet a friend from afar?” As one of your new friends, we warmly greet you! 
As one of our new partners, we will offer you a platform to display your talent.

● Happiness
Zhongganglian is an open and democratic enterprise, as well as a harmonious family for our staff. Here, we are all brothers and sisters. In life, we help each other; in work, we work together! Here, you will study happily, work happily and live happily.

● Development
Zhongganglian will provide staff with numerous vocational training opportunities and growth environment tailored for individual development. Our management mode, both strict and human-based, will help you succeed. We are ready to grant promotion opportunities to outstanding staff.

● Team
Zhongganglian advocates teamwork spirit. No one is perfect. But our team must be perfect. Each employee, whether in a high or low position, is our valuable wealth. We offer an environment for equal communication, which makes our team perfect to build a perfect enterprise.

Today, you join us. In the future, we will work together for glorious achievements. May the vibrant Zhongganglian prosper in Liaocheng and even the world.